"Still the Drums' 
Is dedicated to Allen Lee Kalman and George Albert Simonelli.
Two good friends that were gone way too soon.

Mr. Simons was born
and raised in the Bronx.
In 1965 at the age of 
seventeen he joined the
U.S. Navy where he
attended two class "A”
schools and trained as
a Communications
Technician and served
during the Vietnam war.
After the service he 
relocated to California. 
He first began to study acting at Orange Coast Jr., College in Costa Mesa, California (quite a difference from the Bronx). Talbot quickly took over the theater department and was the first student in school history to produce and direct a main stage show, which before then was only done by the instructors. In 1975, his final year at college he was cast and played five characters in the play “Lenny” for which he was nominated for, and won the “Irene Ryan Award” for “Best Actor“ and awarded a scholarship.
Using his scholarship he went on to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood, Ca. At the “Institute”, he studied with Pat Randall (who was Lee Strasberg’s favorite instructor).
Talbot also studied with Vera Vlasova, from the original “Moscow Art Theatre“ . Vera was a member of Stanaslavski’s original Prague Touring Group.
The first Hollywood play he auditioned for character Pepper White in a revival of the classic Broadway hit “Golden Boy”. After Talbot auditioned the director ran up on the stage, hugged Talbot and gave him the part right on the spot. Since then he’s done over 30 plays and a dozen or so films in which he’s played everything from characters to co-leading roles.
Besides acting, writing, producing and directing he has also successfully worked in film finance with several successful Hollywood production companies assisting them in raising capital to finance their films. Using his acquired knowledge from those jobs Talbot was able to personally create a partnership and personally raise all of the funds to make "Still the Drums".
Talbot has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television Artists, since 1975. He has been writing, and directing plays, writing screenplays, performing on stage, TV, and in films for over 30 years but "Still the Drums" represents the first written work of Talbot's ever produced. "Still the Drums" marks Talbot's writer, producer, director debut as a filmmaker, while simultaneously playing one of the lead roles.
Over the years Talbot has consistently received rave reviews and has been awarded for his work for both comedy and drama six separate times.
Talbot has also performed stand-up comedy at some major clubs in Hollywood, on the Sunset Strip, like the "Laugh Factory", "Carlos and Charlie's", and the regular MC for Skippy Lowe's "Belly Room" at the world famous "Comedy Store"  Talbot says that, "Without a doubt "Still the Drums"  has been the hardest undertaking of my life and has given me a whole new respect for all filmmakers."
Mr. Fulvio is the former owner
and founder of the Venture
Theater in beautiful downtown
Burbank, California which he
personally built in 1983. He
was the recipient of the 1994
prestigious “Valley Theatre
League Award” for Best Stage
Manager. Mr. Fulvio has
designed sets, built sets,
painted sets, dressed sets,
lit sets. He has been hands on
with contracts, insurance, press materials and all other applications concerning the operation of production.
As always Mr. Fulvio has been, and is taking this same hands on approach to assure that no stone is left unturned in providing the highest production quality for the motion picture “Still the Drums”. It was Mr. Fulvio’s brilliant idea, to first shoot a video storyboard, which to date has saved well over $1 million in production costs and has helped to immensely raise the production quality and production value of the film.
A graduate of Loyola University, Los Angeles, CA Richard Fulvio entered “the biz” by enrolling in acting class at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Hollywood, California.  There he studied under one of Mr. Strasberg’s protégé’s Pat Randall. Upon moving to New York City he continued his studies under world renowned acting teachers Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen.  He also studied Script Interpretation with Stella Adler.  While in New York he appeared in the theatrical production of “When the Young Wine Blooms” with Academy Award winner Celeste Holm and the theatrical production of “Arrival and Departure” written and directed by two time Academy Award winning screenwriter and Pulitzer prize winner, Horten Foote (“To Kill a Mockingbird” 1962 & “Tender Mercies” 1983).
Upon returning to Los Angeles he founded and built The Venture Theatre in Burbank, California.   The ribbon at he grand opening ceremony was cut by special guest Olivia Newton John.  Most notably at the Venture he produced the musical “Pepper Street” and the comedy “An Oasis in Manhattan”.  “Pepper Street” starring Jill Schoelen had a hit run of nine months. 
March 14, 1989 was officially proclaimed “Pepper Street Day” by the City Council of Los Angeles and Mayor Tom Bradley for it’s “sponsoring of over 2,000 troubled  youths” (re: drug abuse, teen suicide) and its “entertainment that inspire, educate and promote self-esteem, respect for life and the triumph of the human spirit.”  “An Oasis in Manhattan” starring  two time Golden Globe winner Vic Tayback.
Throughout his career Richard has been very hands on.  He has dealt with contracts, insurances, press materials and all other applications concerning the operation of both individual productions, and the owning and operation of the day to day activity of a live theatre.  He has designed and collaborated on flyers, programs, and all other production materials. As a theatre owner he has done everything from selling tickets to customer relations. As an actor, producer, and crew member he has worked with fellow actors, crew, designers, writers, producers, and directors to their joy in his presenting only the finest quality in all forms of production.
Talbot Perry Simons - Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Director, Editor  - Whew!
Richard Fulvio - Producer, Set Construction, 
Quality Control!
Permission granted for the use
this beatiful  patriotic print
by Bob Goodwin at JR Rosen Studio 
"Still the Drums" is a story about friendship, patriotism and heroism.

The story is not about war, it's about the men who fight the wars.

It's about the unsung war heroes. The heroic frontline soldiers who while on the battlefield and under the most extreme, and adverse life threatening conditions are still able to hang on to their humanity and make a stand to do what is morally right.

They are the real heroes.

Producer, writer, director,
Please donate to the Veteran's charity of your choice.
Mr. Simons and Mr. FulviostartedAmerican Patriot Pictures, LLC on January 17, 2007andPatriot Partners, Limited Partnership on February 15, 2007
American Patriot Pictures, LLC (APP,LLC)
Motion picture finance, production and distribution.
Our goal is to make and distribute quality films with fine acting and socially significant storylines. The company was started on January 17th 2007 by Talbot Perry Simons and Richard Fulvio.
Talbot is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists.
Richard Fulvio was the founder and creator of award winning Venture Theater, located in Burbank, California.
Richard and Talbot met and studied together at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Hollywood, California back in 1975 and they have been friends ever since.
Richard is and alumni of Loyola University.
Talbot is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and served during the Vietnam war as a Communications Technician. He was one of the lucky ones to never have gone to Vietnam or to ever have seen any combat action.
American Patriot Pictures, LLC, will continue to make donations to veteran's charities and veteran's organizations from both the DVD and CD proceeds.
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